I haven’t been writing much lately. Between our dog Boomer having his back leg amputated, my husband’s impending back surgery, and Lila starting school next week…. I just can’t.

You know how you hold your breath when a roller coaster starts down a steep hill? That’s exactly what it feels like right now. There are a million things that could occur and totally derail us, but I can’t stop to think about any of that right now. We just need to keep moving forward – one day at a time.

I assume I will start writing more once things have calmed down a bit….  but for now I’m just holding my breath and praying that everything works out.


One thought on “Life”

  1. I’m so glad I found your blog. My son was diagnosed with autism at 16 months after having concerns for months that no one took seriously. Glad to see how well your little girl is doing. Hopefully life slows down for you soon!


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