Lila Started School!


Well – it happened. Lila started school on August 20th, 2015.

We had planned not to let Lila see me at all on her first day of special needs pre-K (since it seems to be so much harder on her when I’m there). She had been really clingy with me during Open House, and that’s when I made the final decision. I was sad about it….but it’s not about me – it’s always about what’s best for her.

But – as they sometimes do – plans changed. We had a flood at our business early that morning, so I had to take Lila to school while Bill went to the shop, then we both cleaned until it was time to go pick her up. Lila had a rough go of it on the first day – but the teacher said it wasn’t the worst first day she’s ever seen – we’ll take it!!!

Despite the complete insanity that went on that day, I’m so grateful that Bill, Lila, and I were able to pull together and make it all happen. We handled the flood at Custom Reef Creations and Lila’s first day of special needs pre-K all before noon! I love my little family so much, we make such a great team 

Since that first day they have agreed to let her have a few hair trusties to fidget with – I’m so glad, that should help her regulate herself much better. We dodged a hair twisting issue (thanks to Janet who substituted curly ribbon instead), started attempting a simplified visual schedule, and today Lila had a fire drill – not the best day for an autistic toddler with sensory processing disorder but she made it through!




I know that this transition has been hard for her, but she’s handling it like a champ. Here’s to hoping it just gets easier and easier for her – can’t wait to see where she’s at by Christmas!


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