Lila Update 7-30-15


It seems like every now and then Lila goes into overdrive and we start seeing so many changes that all happen at once. Now is definitely one of those times! She is doing so many new things, and in no particular order:

1.) New Skills:

  • Color Matching on her Toca House iPad app
  • If she accidently knocks a bowl of food off of the coffee table, she picks up the bowl and puts it back on the table. Then she goes around picking up every piece of food and puts it back in the bowl as well!
  • If I give her a choice between two picture cards, she will hand one to me, then walk back over to the whiteboard and put the one she doesn’t want back up on the board for later.
  • Trying some new foods here and there – Bill tried to give her some grilled cheese recently. She didn’t want it, but she picked up the two pieces and brought one to Bill, one to me, and said “Mmmmm” while she made sure we ate it!
  • She is letting us put her hair up from time-to-time – and sometimes she even leaves it up (especially when Sage does it – Sage is “allowed” to do things Bill and I are not – like trimming her nails). Like most of us, she definitely has a different set of rules and expectations in each of her individual relationships.

2.) Non-Verbal Imitation:

  • Clapping – she claps, then watches for us to clap – and when we do she thinks it’s hilarious. Sometimes WE can initiate this as well – we clap, then she claps!

3.) Verbal Imitation:

  • All of a sudden she is much more willing to try and mimic noises like “ahhh” and “oooo”. She has almost always had to be the one to initiate, it’s pretty cool to see it work the other way around!
  • She is babbling constantly, and has come up with some new sounds as of late.
  • She continues to use her usual words “yeah”, “yay”, and “go” correctly and in different situations. She even brought me the picture card for “Frozen” during TV time and as she handed it to me she sang “Gooo!” as in the song “Let it Go”
  • She also initiated the “I’m gonna get you!” game with me by attempting to say “I’m” and at one point even “I’m get” (video on our Facebook page). Pretty incredible!

Current Challenges:

  • Behavioral – lack of patience, pinching, jealousy/general dislike of the pets
  • Miscellaneous – new-found issue with clothes. If she finds clothes lying around (like right after they’ve been folded or if they’re set out for the next day), she brings them to us and gets upset. Not sure if she thinks she HAS to put them on if she finds them or what. Change of clothes is definitely closely tied with transitions, so that may be part of the issue.

Lila starts at the special needs pre-K exactly 3 weeks from today. We’re doing what we can to try and prepare her – I created a social story on the iPad using pictures from her actual school and classroom, she’s been watching school-related episodes from her favorite shows, and I’ve been telling her about what is going to happen. I wish we could do more – I know it’s going to be a rough couple of weeks at the start (Janet has fully prepared us). Hoping for as smooth a transition as possible, and excited to see what the rest of the year has in store for all of us!


One thought on “Lila Update 7-30-15”

  1. When did you begin using the PECS cards? We tried sign language with my son and it was a completely fail. We then tried using PECS cards but he doesn’t associate words to objects so that was a fail too. Now we are back to sign language again with no success. So frustrating not understanding what he’s saying. I’m glad Lila has been making progress!


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