School Update 1-15-16


Happy Friday, All –

We got the best report from Lila’s teacher today:

They’ve started using an “I Need a Break” picture card there at school for the past two weeks. When she starts pinching, scratching, getting really upset, etc. they show her the card, then lead her to a small rocking chair in the reading area to give her time to self-soothe and calm herself down.

It has worked so well that she has started using it…. on her own! Recently when she got frustrated/mad at the math center, she just stopped – walked over to the reading center and sat down in the rocking chair all by herself. She knows her limits and is trying to calm herself before it turns into a meltdown.

They leave her in the quiet area until she is calm, then they go over and thank her for calming her body, then they go back to the activity they were working on before she got upset.

Absolutely incredible, as always – we’re so very proud of our Little Lady!


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