Welcome to 2016


Hello All!

Anyone else glad that the Holiday Season is over? 🙂

We’re all back in our normal routine now, and trust me – no one is happier about it than Lila!

Two of my favorite things from this week:

Lila is saying more and more words, and this week there were 2 that caught my attention. Not the actual words per se, but the manner in which they were used.

One evening as she was coming over to me while I was on the couch, I said “Hi!”, she got up on the couch with me, looked me in the eyes, and said “Hi!” – we went back and forth with it for a bit – those moments of incredible connection always just literally make my heart melt.

Another evening this week while we were there alone, she decided she wanted me in her new playhouse. She didn’t say anything, but she pulled me in there by the hand. I sat down and thanked her for inviting me into her playhouse. I was excited and doing her patented happy stim move,  so she got excited – then she looked at me – smiled – and said “mama”.  She smiled at me one more time, and she was off!

So excited to watch her continue to learn and grow – we’ve all come a very long way together, I can’t wait to see what 2016 has in store for all of us!


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