Lila Update 12-30-15



I can’t keep up with her anymore! All of the floor-time/play therapy we’ve worked so hard for the past 2 years is paying off in so many ways right now, and seemingly all at once. Because the foundation of how we’ve worked with her has always been 24/7 floor-time therapy, she not only continues to flourish – but she genuinely enjoys each new step forward. She knows how much she is loved – and that she is perfect as she is.  We’ve always mimicked her actions as well – we spin, flap, dance, etc – that has created an incredible amount of trust between all of us, I’m so grateful that Janet taught us how to work with her so well.

As always there have been a few steps forward, and a couple of steps back as well.


  • Speech:

We’re fairly certain she has apraxia, but she is trying SO hard to mimic what we’re saying nowadays. She gets positively giddy when she says something we understand (and we do, too!). Other people may not be able to decipher these quite yet unless you’ve been around her, some of more clear than others. New additions include: hello, hey, thank you, today, no, cat, duck, roar, meow, octopus, and elephant!


  • Sensory Issues:

She’s gained a new food – curly fries (only from Jack in the Box). It’s not the healthiest, but it’s solid food – and we’re thrilled. She’s been pulling apart pom-poms and making pom-pom fuzz. She loves to roll it between her hands as a fidget and enjoys having it pinched apart and tossed down onto her face as she lies down.


  • New Behaviors:

Lining up figurines: she loves it! She got a bunch of new figurines for Christmas to add to the lineup as well! Cardboard boxes/her new playhouse: she loves them as well – our living room may or may not have 2 cardboard boxes AND a playhouse in it at the moment 😉


  • Miscellaneous:

We recently mounted an iPad Air with an AAC app only on it (GoTalk Now) to the wall next to her PECS board. Hoping this will aid in a transition from cards to an AAC device.


Current Challenges:

  • Sensory Issues:

She cannot STAND the back door (or any door for that matter) being open. It creates a lot of anxiety for her. If Bill or I go out into the back room she gets extremely upset as well. Picking: she has started picking at her fingernails, toenails, and lips. She’s done some damage and now won’t tolerate getting her nails trimmed anymore (even with the iPad) – working on a new strategy to try this weekend.


  • Winter Break:

Holy smokes – code RED, people. I’m sure it’s a combination of Christmas and her routine being completely different, but it’s been rough. She’s has some aggression issues, and she tends toward the iPad more often than usual. The lack of routine has really grown her for a loop – it’s been very difficult for her. Ready to get back into our regular routine!


Sending lots of love to all of you, I hope you and your families have a wonderful New Year!


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