Ring-A-Round the Rosie



Ring-A-Round the Rosie

Pocket full of Posies

Ashes, Ashes

We all fall down!

I hadn’t ever thought about that nursery rhyme very much until last night. Bill and Lila were in the living room – Bill grabbed Lila’s hands and they skipped in a circle. After a few times around, Lila came over and grabbed my hand – then led me over to where Bill was. She stood there between us for a second, grabbed my hand, then she grabbed one of her Daddy’s hands…then we all started skipping in a circle. I started singing “Ring-A-Round the Rosie” and she just LOVED it! She giggled so hard when we would all fall down at the end, clap, and say “yay”!

She continued to come get us and lead us to the same place to do the same thing again and again at different points in the evening. She would prompt and say her version of “ready”, then we’d say “set”, and she’d say “gooo!”. She would even say “up” to get us to stand up and start over. It was like a dream. I love when things like that happen, and I’m so fully aware of just how incredible it is even while it’s happening.

Two years ago she had regressed to a point where she would barely acknowledge us – after 730 days of 24/7 floor-time/play therapy, meeting her halfway, and always following her lead – the three of us were all singing, skipping in a circle, holding hands, laughing, and totally connected with one another. That folks, is nothing short of a miracle.


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