Time Out

My life is filled with work, therapy appointments, researching autism and sensory processing disorder, housework, working on multiple therapy techniques with Lila, and trying not to constantly worry about whether or not our little girl will ever (fill in the blank).

I give it 150% every single day, because there is absolutely nothing that is more important. I ended up taking a few hours off yesterday and today in order to hang out with Bill and a few of our best friends.

It was a great reminder that in order to take care of Lila, Bill, the house, and everything else to the best of my ability – I need to take some time out for myself every now and then.

It was much needed and so incredibly appreciated. Thank you to my wonderful husband for helping facilitate everything.

All of you: please make sure to take some time for yourself – even if it’s just a little here and there. I believe that as special needs parents, it’s absolutely imperative that we take a small break every now and then!


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