Lila Update 4/6/15: “Excuse Me?”


Picture above is of Lila saying “a clue!” from Blue’s Clues. I tweeted that video to THE Steve Burns (the one who played Steve on Blue’s Clues) last week – he “favorited” it and re-tweeted it – how cool is that?

Lila has started to try and verbalize more things as of late, although I’m not sure if things are just now starting to happen or if they’re just now becoming clear enough for us to finally understand.

Regardless, I had noticed recently that Lila said “ga-ga” in the same intonation I use when I say “bubbles” (in a very sing-song type way) – and this would happen while we were playing with bubbles.

So every time we play with bubbles now, I say “ga-ga” (her version) followed by “bubbles” (our version). Yesterday she asked for bubbles, not with the PECS card or by going to get the bubbles and bring them to me, but by saying “ga-ga”. I mean….what? It kind of shocked me… I may have broken a land-speed record making my way to get those bubbles for her!

She has consistently been saying “go”, “yay”, and “yeah” quite frequently and in context for the past few months as well, and that has been incredible.

Then last night, we had a moment that hit me like an electric shock…. she handed me the iPad, was ushering me into the living room per usual, and said “mama go-go”.

I’m still sort of in shock. She has never obviously called ME “mama”, she just says “mamama” sometimes. I have NO clue if it will happen again but oh my word was it AMAZING!


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