Nothing Taken for Granted

A little girl at Lila’s daycare (same age as Lila), dragged me by the hand over to play with a toy she was interested in. She told me what the cat says “meow!”, what the dog says “woof woof!”, and showed me HOW she wanted me to play with the toy (made my jaw drop!).

She also hugged me multiple times and called me “Mommy”. No matter how many times I see neuro-typical child behavior, it never ceases to amaze me (Lila is our first and only) It is truly UNbelievable how much EASIER things are for typical kids than they are for Lila. I so wish things were easier for her. Those children just naturally do the very same things that take us months and months to work on.

I hope their parents all know what an absolute miracle each one of those behaviors are and that they don’t take them for granted!


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