Lila Update 6-17-16


It’s been so crazy hectic, I feel like I haven’t updated in ages. So many things floating around in my head and for some reason it’s always so difficult to actually sit and write everything down. I’m sure I’ll miss plenty of things, but wanted to at least get SOME of what’s been going on down in writing.


So much progress… it blows my mind.


She has started mimicking words much more often. A lot of times they’re pretty garbled, but they’re there. New words she has been trying to say (and some just saying better) include: hey, baby, dinosaur, wreck-it (ralph), hi, ready, set, go, uh-oh, oh no, go, yay, yee-haw, demi plie, and she hums/sings a lot of melodic lines where we may not be able to understand the words, but she has the melody down. It’s incredible.

Sensory Issues:

She is still going outside! And not only that, she’s been playing in a kiddie pool for the first time ever, and wearing a swim suit for the first time in a couple of years! She even gets on the trampoline while the sprinkler is nearby. We’re about a million miles away from earlier this year when she wouldn’t even let us put her down outside.


The first behavioral issue we decided to tackle was moving people. Janet came over and talked us through it while Lila kept trying to move Janet and I as we were sitting on the floor. We came up with a social story, supporting visuals, etc to help her with this….. but the crazy thing is…..she didn’t need any of it. After that incident where we clearly and concisely told her: “People get to choose where they sit. You can choose where you sit, but you cannot choose where other people sit” – she hasn’t tried it since. Definitely a reminder to always presume competence!


Behavior & Sensory:

As much progress as we have, there are always many challenges – and I will try to line some of that out here. I never post pics, video, etc of these issues because I feel it’s disrespectful to her to do so.

The biggest challenge lately has been LOTS of behavioral issues – impatience, wanting to move us and others around like chess pieces, becoming increasingly controlling of her environment at home. Examples: we’re not “allowed” to take showers, dry hair, go to the bathroom, vacuum, read a magazine, and sometimes sit in certain places. She is really not liking the cats being around, either. The great news about this – see above in Progress 🙂

She has also regressed in regard to going out in public. Public outings have now become extremely difficult again – will start again in that area and hopefully baby-step our way back to where we were.

We’ve very recently changed up Lila’s daycare as well – moved from her in-home daycare to a nanny at the house (we can’t really afford it, but it’s the very best option for her right now so we’ll find a way to make it work). She also starts ESY next week – can’t wait to see what the rest of the Summer holds!


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