I get a lot of questions from people in regard to how I feel about vaccines. Just a heads up – when you ask me about vaccines (and typically do not readily accept my answer, anyway), you are:

  • Insinuating I knowingly did something to cause my child’s autism
  • Making it known that having your child be like my child is your worst nightmare

It happens a lot; and I’m sure you don’t think of it that way… but it’s actually incredibly hurtful when you think about it.

So here’s my answer:

Do I believe Lila’s autism was caused by vaccines – no. Do I believe children can be vaccine-injured? Absolutely. However, the rate of instance is so small that I believe it to be worth the risk. By not vaccinating your children you are putting them (as well as others) at risk from life-threatening diseases that had once all but been eradicated. And just to play devil’s advocate – what if vaccines did cause autism? Would you rather have a dead child, or an autistic one?

Please vaccinate your children.


One thought on “Vaccines”

  1. This is ALWAYS my response as well. So spot on. THANK YOU! I can’t believe people would insinuate that (let’s pretend that vaccines could cause autism, for a moment) that they’d rather their or another child die from measles than have autism. What are they saying about my child? It’s so deeply hurtful.


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