Lila has a very strong fear and anxiety about open doors. I think that’s most likely a big part of the reason she will no longer go outside to play. The “door issue” affects her both at home and at school.
I’ve gone over it a million times. I personally don’t like doors being open at home – never have, it has always given me a feeling of uneasiness; I don’t feel safe. She has no concept of the worries that lie outside, so I don’t know if her reaction is similar to mine or something else entirely.
Maybe doors represent transition. They’re also highly unpredictable; anyone could come through them at any given moment without notice.
I found a list online that showed Categories and Frequency of Unusual Fears in Autistic Children, it included the following as part of the list:
Places: (Bathroom, bedroom, certain house or restaurant, closed or small spaces, garage, large or open space, room with doors unlocked or open)
We have done the following in the past, and will start with this again:
1.) Social Stories about Doors
2.) YouTube Videos about Doors
3.) Doing fun Things while Going Through Doorways (ie piggy-back rides)
So much anxiety involved with this – really hoping we can help alleviate some of her anxiety to improve her time both at school and at home. Fingers crossed!

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