Interacting with Babies – a 1st!


12241652_1808603266033359_5035554037936497528_nWow….. Sage sent me these pics today – Lila trying to interact with the babies. Unless you’ve been to our house, there’s no way to really know how truly incredible this is.

Sage said she acted like she was talking to them, then she would pull on Brynlee’s toy and smile when Brynlee giggled!

Guided by Janet, Bill and I have worked with Lila literally 24/7 with floor-time/play therapy since she was 15 months old – SO many people (including Lila!) have put in so much work with Lila’s early intervention, and these new things are a direct result. I literally can’t even fully process all of the new things going on every single day. So grateful!


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