An American Girl Doll from GoTeamKate


Lila got a gift last weekend in the mail…

A ridiculously adorable American Girl Doll – complete with pink glasses! 💖 I’ve honestly never seen her take this kind of interest in any doll or stuffed toy… ever. And she was a big fan of the shipping box as well 😉

So as much as I felt we shouldn’t accept this beautiful, thoughtful, and ridiculously expensive gift – we did, because Lila’s not letting her out of her sight ❤ Thank you so much to GoTeamKate for this incredible gift – sending so much love, light, and humble gratitude your way!


The day we got her, Lila grabbed my hand at one point and put it on her doll’s shoe. Evidently since the doll was inside, she should not have her shoes on! So we did the “one foot, two foot” and took her shoes off.


When Lila brought me her picture card for “slide”, I brought the slide out into the living room. I helped her slide down it, then I helped her doll slide down as well. Lila thought that was pretty funny, she kept grabbing my hand and putting it on the doll to help the doll slide down again.

Sometimes Lila even goes and gets the doll so she can hang out in the recliner with her 💖


It’s honestly been one of the roughest weeks I can remember – so grateful to Shanell, Alex, Grace, and Kate for such an amazing gift for our Lila.



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