Lila Update 5/14/15


I’ll start this update with the obvious – we had our first IEP meeting with the school system. Lila starts the developmentally delayed pre-K program this Fall, and we honestly seem to have lucked out with the school district we are in. We got all of her IEP goals set, and she will receive occupational therapy and speech therapy through school as well. We’re so excited, and we all believe Lila will thrive in their pre-K program, especially in conjunction with everything we already have going on with her here at home.

Our Top Challenges right now (aside from communication of course) are as follows:

  • Doorways: This has become a really big issue – if she sees someone go through the front or back door, or sometimes even a doorway in the house she becomes extremely upset.
  • Water Noises: The dish washer, the kitchen sink, etc. – all cause her distress as of late.
  • Cats: She really dislikes them (probably because they’re so unpredictable).
  • Food: She gave up some foods, which is a huge deal because she didn’t eat much to begin with. We’ve started putting out new foods to visit every day so she can get used to them – this week it’s been peanut butter sandwich bites and veggie straws.

Random Cute Events from Throughout the Past Week or So:

  • One evening this past week, Lila took it upon herself to take off her wet diaper and bring it to me so I would get her a new one – cracked me up!
  • She has started insisting that along with piggy back rides, an absolutely essential part of our evening is where she climbs into a recliner while I blow bubbles over her – for a ridiculously long time perhaps, but it makes her so dang happy! (see picture above)
  • She has started trying to sing along with me when I sing her the “Bee & Slug” episode from Wonder Pets.
  • She has started faking sneezes so I will look at her, smile really big, and say “Bless You!”
  • She sat at the kitchen table at daycare with a couple of other girls (first time ever), and she even picked up a pencil.
  • She started saying a new word (video on our Facebook page): “Whoa!”

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