Why I Love when Lila Brings Me Things


Lila has started bringing me things: Bill’s hat, my sunglasses, my purse, she even brought me a couple of fudge graham snacks the other day and pushed my hand up to my mouth so I would eat them.

I recently had a parent of neuro-typical children ask why this behavior affects me so much, and that’s actually a really great question.

Lila bringing the purse/sunglasses/hat, etc. to me is affection in my eyes. The items she is bringing to me are mine (and sometimes Bill’s!), and she wants me to have whatever it is – and it absolutely feels like love. She smiles when I put it on, and the connection right at that moment is intoxicating. I thank her and put on the purse/hat/sunglasses, etc. It just blows me away, I’m so unbelievably grateful.

She doesn’t show affection in the traditional ways – we don’t get hugs or kisses, she doesn’t always smile if we just smile randomly at her, and she’s considered non-verbal. She has a completely different neurology, her own unique way of doing things, and an incredible knack for getting her point across in any way possible!


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