Therapy Update 1/2/15

Therapy went really well today. Lila even used the “flip” card! That’s a big deal, because in the past she has used the PECS cards for food and drink – but refused to use them for actions.

We did some motor imitation back and forth that included patting and clapping. We’re starting work on our first visual schedule (for going to get a pizza), and introducing her to a social story on the iPad this week as well.

She continues to say “yeah”, “yay” and “go” in various (and appropriate!) situations. She’s starting to grab our hands when she wants us to do something with them (what it is she wants depends on whether or not she’s working with Bill or me).

Continued improvements with social interactions and joint attention – she starts at the developmentally delayed preschool program here in Mustang this summer – so excited to see what 2015 brings!


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