2014 Family Photo Session #1


FYI: The picture above was our Christmas picture taken last year. I have NO idea when the photographer got this shot, because about 1 minute into our 15-minute session, Lila had a complete and total meltdown. She was NOT a happy camper (until we were done and heading out the door – then she seemed to be pretty happy about the situation).

Today’s Topic: Family Photo Sessions:

This past weekend we had our first family photo session of the year  – we have scheduled TWO this year to try and make sure we get at least one good photo! Because honestly? The outcome all depends on her mood and the situation on any given day. This past weekend was the first one scheduled – a 15-minute “mini session” out in a field. We got there and took our places next to the vintage truck with a fall-type setup including a multitude of pumpkins.

It was immediately apparent that Lila was NOT having it. The sun was hurting her eyes, she didn’t want to look at the camera or smile, and she most certainly didn’t understand why the Hell we were out there when we could be perfectly happy sitting at home.

She wouldn’t cooperate AT ALL (why would she want to look at the camera when there are so many pretty colors and pumpkins if she looks the OTHER way?!?).  So when Bill was holding her I took it upon myself to run behind the photographer and started jumping up and down, waving my arms, crowing, and dancing like a crazy person. She loved it – super stimmy = big smiles. It worked! Then Daddy handed her off to me and he went behind the photographer to dance and be silly – again Lila was stimming like crazy, and ended up accidentally hitting me in the face a few times! I think we got a decent shot though…(I hope!).

The family photos of all three of us are always next to impossible… since neither one of us is behind the camera acting like a raving lunatic. Bill and I kept trying to switch sides, bouncing her up and down, trying to get a smile, trying to get her to look up – the whole thing was 15 minutes of absolute insanity. Once we were done, I felt like we had just run a marathon. I was SO proud of her, regardless of what pictures we end up with. Things like that are so incredibly difficult for her, and she did the very best she could that day.

As we piled into the van to head home, the next family took their place for photos. The Mom and Dad walked over and sat in the truck bed, and their two little girls stood where the photographer told them to as well. They all looked at the camera, and started their photo session. I couldn’t help but think “SERIOUSLY?!?” because it’s THAT easy, right???

Family Photo Session #2 is slated for next Monday… wish us luck!


One thought on “2014 Family Photo Session #1”

  1. Awesome photo! What a cherished one! So glad you did get a good one. I know things will get better for you. I just know. ❤


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